5 Gear Upgrades you can Sell for Diablo 3 Gold

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The first time I hit a "gear wall" was right around the end of nightmare difficulty. I was up against the second mini boss of act 4 who had this blink ability where, depending on your latency, he basically always got a hit in on you. My demon hunter had lots and lots of dexterity from Diablo 3 gears I'd found leveling up, so she could deal quite an excessive amount of damage, and I had fingers nimble enough to dodge most boss mechanics. Having come up against not a single mechanic previously that required me to be able to take a few hits no matter what, I was completely unprepared both in terms of chosen abilities/runes and gear.

With no where else to turn, I sought new upgrades for my weak little glass cannon from the auction house. I tried grabbing several items with vitality, dexterity, and supporting stats like strength or life regen. When I first started out on normal, the only stat I wanted was dexterity. Just loads and loads of it because killing things with one shot is always fun. But at this point I needed to be able to live through a guaranteed big hit, so I picked up a bunch of gear with vitality and dexterity on the auction house before taking another stab at the boss.

To my surprise, even with the great gear, his attack was still so vicious that I just couldn't kill him before he killed me. So I took a look at my skills, and selected defensive ones like smoke screen and preparation. Now I could completely prevent the damage that was causing me so many issues with this boss and the predictable fight became relatively easy. I didn't regret switching to a more defensive gearing and skill selection style, as by the time I entered hell I really started needing to take a few heavy hits from time to time, especially against elites with three special abilities.

As I eventually hit level 60, all I needed to beat hell was continuing to find
Diablo 3 gears with vitality, dexterity, and supporting survivability stats. But now that I am 60, the gear choices are even more stringent. Not only do I need vitality and dexterity, but I also need crucial stats like resistance to all and bonuses to my hungering arrow and discipline resource pool. Eventually, I'd consider myself ready to beat all of inferno once I had every piece of gear with six awesome stats that focused on damage, surviving, and mitigating.

Another important thing to point out is that farming became relevant once I had the nephalem valor buff. At this point, it was worth my time to go back to earlier areas with really high magic/gold find where my survivability was a non-issue. Between the nephalem valor buff and my own stats, I was able to get really nice rares from nightmare and hell which I could occasionally sell on the auction house. I then used the gold to buy more level 60 gears with the stats I mentioned previously.


These stages of gearing that every player has to go through to defeat the entire game are:

1. Damage
2. Damage and Health
3. Damage, Gold Find, and Magic Find
4. Damage, Health, and Mitigation
5. Damage, Health, Mitigation, Gold Find, and Magic Find.

Roughly, players want damage prior to level 30, damage and health until level 50, and then damage, health, and mitigation by level 51. At 60 players not only want all three, but near perfect rolls as well as a farming set.

Personally, I feel that Blizzard blew it in terms of offering different types of mitigation gear. The only one that makes any sense to get is resistance to all, unless of course you can grab items with really high individual resistances and mix them so that they total more than what's possible with resistance to all. That's just a theory and I have no idea if it's correct yet.

How did you do gearing your character? Did your experience mirror my own?

Remember, it's important to know what players need while they level through different parts of the game and hit 60. This is how you know what to sell to them for Diablo 3 gold!


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