How to Level Your Crafting Professions with Little WOW Gold

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We are told that crafting professions are good ways for us to make wow gold in the game. But it is not very easy for us to level a crafting profession; Crafting professions need lots of materials to level. Some guys like to buy the materials via auction house to level the professions, but this requires a lot of wow gold. Here I will share you some tips for how to level your crafting professions with little wow gold.


1. Farm your own mats. 

This one's a no-brainer. If you're an Engineer, Blacksmith, or Jewelcrafter, pick up mining as your second profession. If you're a Scribe or Alchemist, become an herbalist. Skinning goes with Leatherworking. Enchanting is a bit trickier; if you have tailoring you can disenchant the items you make, otherwise it's often worth finding cheap greens on the AH that you can disenchant. With mining and Herbalism, always keep your node tracking active while questing and gather those nodes.


2. Level your profession while leveling your character.

Don't wait until level 85 to pick up a profession – especially a gathering profession. It's a lot less stressful, and often less costly, to level professions slowly. One big benefit of doing this is that you can actually use many of the items that you craft while leveling. If you wait until reaching the level cap, you will miss out on one of the biggest benefits of being able to craft your own gear.


3. Craft items with the highest demand and resale value.

A lot of crafted items are just plain useless. Unless it's an incredibly cheap way to gain a skill point, avoid them at all costs. Check the AH to see what your crafted items go for, compared to the cost of the mats needed to make them. Knowledge is power!


4. Don't unload all your items onto the Auction House at one time.

If you list five of one item that's not of especially high demand, you risk having someone list a single item and undercut you and having all your items expire without a purchase. This will cost you a lot of AH listing fees in the long run (unless you're selling enchanting mats, scrolls, or glyphs – of course!) List one of each item at a time, and once it sells you can list another. Keep doing this until all of your items have been sold.


5. Don't waste too much time in the trade channel.

Depending on your server and what you're selling, chances are that folks in the trade channel will not be willing to pay anywhere near AH prices. Trying to hawk your wares in Trade is time consuming, and you will have to deal with your fair share of irritating folk. Unless you have something incredibly rare and valuable that you absolutely need to get rid of quickly, it's probably best to stick to the AH and let the open market work its magic.


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