How to Make Lots of WOW Gold With Skinning

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Skinning is always winning. It's the best gathering profession of you to make wow gold. You can harvest leather from mobs that other players have killed, provided they have been looted. Skinning is the easiest profession to level up, and you don't have to be MacGyver to make all the wow gold you will ever need with these 3 handy tips, using just a skinning knife!


1. Know Which Leather Sells For the Most

Knowing your server's market for leather is incredibly important. Sometimes you can make more gold by farming a lower level type of leather. Almost all types of leather can fetch high prices, depending how many people are leveling up Leatherworking. Just like any other material, every type of leather will fluctuate in price. Sometimes it will pay to convert your light leather into medium leather, and sometimes it won't. The better you know the market, the more gold you'll be able to get from all of your hard work skinning.


2. Find a Good Skinning Spot

Whether you're skinning while leveling, or just farming, find a spot with lots of beasts or dragonkin in your desired level range. For Rugged Leather, the Blasted Lands is a pretty good spot. To farm Knothide Leather you'll want to hit up Nagrand in Outland, and for Borean Leather you'll be heading to Sholazar Basin in Northrend. If you're a level 85 skinner, the Darkwood in Tol Barad is a great spot to farm Savage Leather. If your faction controls TB, the Crocolisks outside of Baradin Hold are another great spot for farming.


3. Always Skinning, Always Winning

Skinning can be done while questing, while exploring, and even in dungeons. For lower level players, Wailing Caverns is a good place to farm light and medium leather. Upper Blackrock Spire and Sunken Temple are great for thick and rugged leather. If your group-mates aren't looting, ask them politely to either enable "pass on loot" or to just loot their mobs. Always loot your corpses, and always skin your corpses. Making tons of gold with skinning is as easy as clicking the right mouse button. Enable Auto Loot in your interface options to loot everything with one click. Spend one hour a day farming leather, you will accumulate a small fortune of gold very quickly!


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