Items for WOW Gold - Vendor, Auction House, or Disenchant?

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We will gain lots of wow items when we farming the mobs or do the dungeons and raids. These items may bring us some easy wow gold. Usually we will just sell it to vendor or via auction house or just disenchant them. But when to vendor, when to auction house, when to disenchant?


Making the wrong choice about whether to vendor, disenchant (where applicable) or sell an item on the auction house can potentially cost you tens of thousands of gold over time (depending on how much you play!) Here's how to stop this rather common gold leak, and keep more of your hard earned gold.


1. Download an Auction House Add-On: Auctioneer, AuctionLite, Auctionator or any other add-on that can gather information from the auction house will do the trick.


2. Run a Full Scan: Visit the Auction House and click the Full Scan button. This will allow the add-on you have installed to gather all of the pricing data available. Scan at least once per week to keep your prices current.


3. Read Your Item Tool Tips: With your auction add-on installed and loaded with data, you will now be able to see some valuable information when clicking on an item. You'll see the vendor value, the Auction House value (for trade-able items) and the Disenchant value (for disenchant-able items).


4. Make the Most WOW Gold: Usually the highest value is the best choice to go with. When you Greed a blue item in a level 85 dungeon instead of choosing Disenchant, you are losing anywhere from about 40g-60g depending on your server's economy.