Making Crazy WOW Gold With Enchanting

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Enchanting is a very useful profession in WOW, it can bring lots of wow gold. But some players find that it is hard for them to make wow gold with enchanting. Here are ten ways you can use your Enchanting skill (and a bit of Auction House savvy) to make plenty of wow gold!

1. Enchanting Scrolls

Making gold selling enchant scrolls on the auction house can be an extremely lucrative venture. The keys to any successful scroll business are demand, and profitability. You want to find enchants that are in demand, which you can craft at a fraction of their sale price. Using an add-on such as TradeSkillMaster will help automate many routine tasks in your AH scroll empire. Getting to know the market values of materials and scrolls on your server will help you spot opportunities.


2. Disenchanting AH Greens

Check the auction house regularly for under-priced greens. Doing a full scan of the AH with Auctioneer (or any equivalent add-on) will allow you to see the estimated current value of disenchanting an item. This is a great way to get your enchanting mats for half price!


3. Large Brilliant Shards, Illusion Dust, Eternal Essence

These materials are used to craft heirloom and twink enchants. You can get them from green items in the high 50's "vanilla" content. Crafting items, doing quests, and running dungeons are the three best ways to gather green items to disenchant. (You can also pick them up on the AH!)


4. Shattering Crystals

If void crystals are cheaper then Large Prismatic shards on your server, you can make a nice profit shattering the crystals into shards. The same trick works (even more so) for shattering Abyss Crystals into Infinite Dust and Cosmic Essence.


5. Shard and Essence Arbitrage

Sometimes you can make a profit splitting or combining essences or shards. Doing this requires a good knowledge of the prices of these items on your server.


6. Rare Formulas

There are many formulas not taught by enchanting trainers, that can make you some nice money. Browse the auction house for scrolls and see which enchants sell for the most. Then compare the cost of materials and see if there is room for profit. If there is, it may be worth farming the enchant formula to make the scroll. For example, Enchant Weapon: Spellpower drops off several bosses in the Molten Core. (You can make wow gold by using this enchanting formula, or selling it as it's not soulbound!)


7. Buy cheap mats on AH

Once you've gotten to know the market well enough, check the auction house daily for cheap materials. You can either use these materials in your crafting, put them back up on the AH for a profit, or both, depending on how many you end up with. Always be on the lookout for cheap materials!


8. Buy underpriced scrolls on AH

For enchants like Enchant Cloak: Intellect that grant easy skill-ups, this can be dangerous. However, for an enchant like Enchant Bracer: Dodge, you can make a nice profit. If it costs you 400g to craft an enchant scroll, and someone has one listed for 300g – buy theirs out and re-list it at a higher price. For high level enchants (such the Dodge enchant) you won't see mass unloading of scrolls (as with the intellect enchant) so it's much safer to buy out your competition if they're listing below cost.


9. DE greens or provide enchants for a predetermined price

Be an enchanter/disenchanter for hire! Advertise your services in the trade channel, and keep an eye out for people looking for the services of an enchanter.


10. Make gold on the back end using trade channel and listing mats on AH

The worst part about using the trade channel is having to haggle. Often there is a disagreement on what's a fair fee for crafting, or for using the crafter's materials. If you ask them to supply their own materials it's a lot simpler. You can either ask for a crafting fee, or for voluntary tips. If you can dominate the market for enchanting materials on your server's auction house, you'll be able to make lots of wow gold from the transaction even if you don't get a tip!