Millions of Competing in Diablo 3 Auction House?

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There's a common misconception regarding Diablo 3's auction house that you are "competing against millions" and therefore you cannot ever win due to massive undercutting. This is a lie, based on a terrible misconception that every item you sell is up against every other Diablo 3 item on the auction house of the same type. Actually, you're only competing against items with similar stats, and there are a host of stats that players are looking for. There are three primary stats (I would suggest having at least one on every piece of gear you sell) and a host of complimentary stats for different classes, passive skills, and rune setups, as well as different requirements for gear while leveling versus 60 grinding.

Obviously you don't want to buy anything, but you can get a grasp for your current competition. For example, you only care about people who have posted auctions with similar stat combinations at the same item as your gear/weapon. There aren't MILLIONS of items that meet the same criteria as yours, and hopefully it's only a few dozen. Once you understand this, selling becomes a lot easier and less intimidating.

Another misconception right now is that Blizzard is going to leave the game the way it is, broken, disheveled and impossible to beat (since nerfing demon hunter smokescreen and wizard skills + life regen). Believe me, Blizzard is going to fix item stats, inferno difficulty levels, and even the auction house. The best thing to do right now is grit your teeth, get as far as you can, and learn to play the seemingly useless auction house.

I have literally worked myself sick trying to keep up with creating the guide, blogging for everyone here, talking to expert players about their strategies, making a few million gold myself, and trying to maintain a sense of organization in all the chaos. There's quite a bit of information that passes in front of me each day, including all the awesome emails from readers like you. I have to sort through it all and pick out what is going to be worth writing about for the long haul. Anything that feels like a nerf is coming (like all the cool inferno cheese ezmode strats) go to the forum as short term methods. I'm not posting things to the guide that are going to last a day, but rather, I'm trying to see into the future and pick out the strategies that will work forever.

As I already said, I'm sick with a pretty bad sinus infection. It's kind of like a rare champion pack with drowsiness, coughing, sneezing, and dizziness as modifiers. Not a fun inferno level infection! I probably should stop waking up at 5 am in the morning and going to bed at 3 am at night, huh?

Don't get me wrong, I do it because I LOVE IT, and I hope to make you all successful in the process. I'll get well soon, hopefully by the end of the weekend, and then I'll be back into the grind (though with a little more restraint hopefully).

Now, speaking of being reasonable, let's approach
Diablo 3 with a mixture of patience and perseverance. Things will eventually work the way they were meant to and the sky is certainly not falling. That's the nice part about the game being online, as much can be modified on the fly without requiring more than a patch download on our ends. All you can do now is enjoy the ride and improve your skills as an auctioneer. Also, assume that crafting is going to get fixed eventually and take a no risk opportunity in Buying Vendor Priced Crafting Materials.