Some Useful Tips for Farming Diablo 3 Gold

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With the release of Diablo 3, lots of players are searching for free Diablo 3 gold guide on how to make a lot of gold to get become successful in the game. To help you make Diablo 3 gold easily, here are some useful tips for you.


So far the best idea to farm a lot of gold in the game is by going on "speed runs" like "Azmodan run". Not only you will get a lot of gold from quests in literally no time but you will also get a lot of experience too. Just start last quest from third act and you will be able to collect a lot of gold cause of huge number of enemies and rare mobs trough that run.


Undercut. In Diablo 3 you will be limited in the number of auctions you can have up at the same time (10 per AH). Thus anything which doesn't sell fast will block one of your selling slots for 48 hours or until you cancel the auction (only possible for commodities). There is no use of putting anything up that isn't the cheapest of its kind if you want to actually make a sale. Putting something up for a price where you think it might sell later, when prices have gone up, only makes sense if you didn't plan to be online for some time anyway.


Farming equipment. Yes you are reading it right. If you want to get a lot of gold then you should definitely have special "farming" equipment. Search the auction house. You will be able to find items with "Gold find" and "Magic find" statistics. Get that kind of gear and within an hour or so you will be able to earn 200 000 gold easily. Your character should become "Gold Magnet"!

Just left yourself a good weapon and some "resistance/armor. Still you will need good damage to kill mobs. Rest you can sacrifice just for "Gold find" statistic.


Pick Up All Diablo 3 Gold from Mobs. A common mistake that most Diablo 3 players make is that they do not pick up every single gold drop from mobs. The reason they might do this is because lower level and weak mobs drop small amounts of gold and not picking up the drop may seem like it wouldn't make a difference. But in reality, any value of gold counts and it all adds up.