Tips for Best Farming Spot for Diablo 3 Gold

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I've had SO many emails asking me where to farm in Diablo 3. Although there are several really good locations in the Diablo 3 gold guide and also easily found with Google, no one seems to be talking about HOW you are supposed to be farming in the first place. To me, if you don't know how to farm then who cares where the best farming spots in Diablo 3 are? Here are some tips for you.

1. You really should be level 60 if you want to find the best farming spots. Nephalem valor is so good that you're better off leveling to 60 than grinding away at any location in the game.

2. You can turn any spot into "the best farming spot" for you simply by wearing awesome farming gear.

3. With farming gear and level 60, you can easily go back to nightmare difficulty and pick up the same amount of gold off mobs as you do fighting inferno act I. Think about it, would you rather get one shot by random monsters and barely pay your repair bills, or instead be the one running around one shooting enemies and looting their unfortunate corpses? Buy your farming gear on the auction house, focusing primarily on gold find, magic find, primary stat, movement speed on your boots, and gold pickup radius of at least 7.

4. Lots of enemies in tight spaces is ideal. Once you have a decent set of farming gear that can one shot most monsters on nightmare, you're ready to look for places where enemies are easy to AOE to death.

5. Don't forget about nephalem valor!  In order to really take advantage of a great farming spot, you're probably going to want to start one or two checkpoints BEFORE the actual location. That way you've picked up 4 or 5 stacks of nephalem valor before you reach the best farming spots.

6. Have an AOE ability for most monsters, single target ability for elites, and some kind of movement speed enhancement. 

If you'd like to know my personal two best farming spots in the game, as well as additional tips for maximizing your farming sessions, come join our forum and guide. You'll also see all the other places players are having great success farming hundreds of thousands of Diablo 3 gold per hour.