Tips for Making and Keeping More WOW Gold

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We all know that wow gold is a basic thing for players to enjoy the game. But it is not a very easy thing for us to get enough wow gold; we need lots of time and energy. Here I will share you some useful tips for you to make wow gold and keep your gold.


1. Always loot your mobs.

Too many times, I see a field of dead mobs that haven't been looted. Gray items may not be useful at all, but the vendor value sure does add up. In Northrend, gray weapons and armor can vendor for several gold, and other worthless gray items can vendor for 20 silver or more. Everything adds up, even in small quantities.


I can only think of two reasons why people don't loot their mobs:


Not enough bag space: This is a problem easily fixed by keeping your bank and bags organized, and by carrying 18 slot or larger bags. If you can get 20 slot or larger bags, by all means use them. Don't waste stacks upon stacks of Frostweave cloth, or buy Haris Pilton's Gigantique Sack! Make your way to some raids, new and old, and pick up some free 18 to 22 slot bags. Alternatively, you can pick up or craft some Imbued Netherweave Bags if raids aren't your thing.


Not enough time: Oh, give me a break. It takes half a second to loot a corpse! You'll be glad when it comes time to train Cold Weather Flying.


2. Don't rush to max out your profession skills. Level them gradually, making sure to keep the costs involved minimal, if any. Make items with other peoples' mats to gain skill points. Level up making items that people will buy on the AH for a decent amount. Don't make an item just because it is orange if you are going to take a huge loss to do this, if at all possible. Often it's more profitable just to sell your raw materials than to craft items to sell; don't be afraid to do this to keep your wow gold from running dry.


3. Drop your crafting profession if you don't need it.

Know a lot of other leatherworkers? You'll get by just fine dropping Leatherworking and picking up Mining. Know a few alchemists? Drop alchemy and pick up skinning. Having two gathering professions is the best way possible to keep a lot of gold coming in.


4. Know the market, and don't always undercut.

Visit the AH regularly to get a feel for the prices of the items you regularly gather. If the market is flooded and prices are low, wait to sell. If the supply is low and prices are higher, that's when you want to be listing your items. If you see items listed at way below the normal cost, buy them up and resell at a profit. By having patience, and knowing the value of your items, you can earn several times more gold for your efforts. Timing is everything.


5. Utilize helpful add-ons.

Auctioneer will help you list items on the Auction House and keep track of their value. There are many add-ons that show the vendor value of items, and allow you to vendor all gray items with one click, that will also save you time and provide valuable information. The more time you save, the more time you can be leveling or farming!


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